I’m Marina. My life is my work. That’s my mission. To live life to the fullest.
Travel the world, experience new places.


Design your life with your passion, life hacks and yummy green food.


This is me, the girl jumping out of a plane. Wow, that was a really cool feeling of freedom. First… Panic! a second later – freedom!
I love to travel, explore the world and food. Eat local food, walk walk walk, see the nature, meet new people, try new things and read books.

My first solo trip was 6 weeks in Bali and Singapore. That really changed me to take all the opportunities offered in life. Back home again, which are Sweden, I opened a raw food cafe with a unknown instagram friend. The cafe was really successful in media and social media. It even made me an author. 2016 I can call me a proud author of the raw food book RAW FIKA/Fika Nyttigt.

But… 2 years later working 10-13 hours a day I said no. Its enough! I wanted more freedom in life. I sold the cafe, moved to a smaller town, Visby – and now I got more time, freedom and life.

I love to travel, photograph, cook and bake – and my goal is to work with this after my time off as a mom.

I live with the love of my life Mike. He’s a bodybuilder with a total different travel routine then me. I promise you a few good stories about that later on. We have our dear cat Zeus and a bump on its way. Let’s hope it’s gonna be a Hermione. (Harry Potter FTW)


Questions and comments? Just send me a post  – me@marinaasplund.com



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