Free Walking Tours



I just love the free city  walking tours! That’s the first thing I do in a new big city. Latest is was in Sofia, Bulgaria. This was a city I knew nothing about. After the free tour I loved the story of the country and the city.

  • I understood why things was as they were.
  • I knew where all the highlights of the city was and saw all the big attractions.
  • What museum was worth to see.
  • Where to eat.
  • Local traditions
  • The WHOLE history of the country and town in less then 2 hours
  • and I could ask the guide whatever I wanted to know about the life in the

So next time you’re visiting a new town. Google up the “free tour *town*” and just go!
The free walking tours last about 2-3 hours walking with a guide and other travelers. Its both fun and educational. Lots of ideas what to to the rest of the days on your trip. The guide do this for a living so in the end you give him the money you thinks he earn. Great deal!

Where I live, in Stockholm, they have 4 different free walking tours!!! Now I know what to do next week! Love to explore my own city.

Do you do the walking tours while traveling?


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