Travel 12 times this year? Welcome to the 12 trips challenge!

I just found the perfect challenge for me!

Do you want to travel more, then this challenge is for you! The 12 trips challenge makes us explore both our own country and the world. During the year, once a month, you plan a trip. It can be a day trip, a weekend or longer. Make a plan of your year and list 12 places you plan to visit during the year. I've made my 12 months plan... and I've got really exciting plans for the fall but can't tell you all yet.

January, so this month is already here and this weekend I have a hotel night in Gothenburg. 

February is my favorite month of the year cause its my birthday!!! Yippi! A 7 days Cruise the Caribbean is the trip for this month.

March is when I head back to my university city. Far north in Norway you'll find this city named Tromsö. One of my very favorite cities in the world. Can't wait to show you this city. I've got some really exciting adventures with lots of snow and northern lights.

April I'm still planning... Texas?

Visby - Most beautiful city of Sweden

May and the spring is finally here. I'll moving from Stockholm to the summer city of Visby. Really, this is the most beautiful city in Sweden. An old medieval city by the sea, on Swedens biggest island. During the summer I'll show you all the hot spots of this magic island. Planning a visit? Come visit me!

June, during the biggest celebration in Sweden, Midsummers Eve, I actually leave the country for a secret destination in Europe. I don't even know where it is yet. I'll hope its a country I never been to before.

July and I'm still in Visby. I'm planning to visit another island - Stora Karlsö. The islands are famous for its bird cliffs of nesting razorbills and guillemots. It's lots of rare orchids and fossils. Even if I've visited Gotland for over 15 years I never been at Stora Karlsö. So this challenge is why its finally happens.

August and September I have to wait to tell. Exciting!!!

October is the month where I do my last exercises before climbing Kilimanjaro. This is a real Dream travel come true.

November, and I'm up at the summit of Kilimanjaro. Thereafter a cosy paradise vacation on the beach of Zanzibar.

December and I really would like to celebrate New Years Eve somewhere else then home. What's your favorite New Years Eve destination?




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