Explore your city: Salt Therapy – Halotherapy

My first visit at Stockholm Saltspa

I love to travel and discover – THE BEST THING >>> I can discover new things in my hometown. You don’t need to travel far to try new things or do fun stuff. So this week I tried something new in my hometown Stockholm. Salt spa therapy and light therapy.
Did I like it? Yes!
How was it? Like VACATION!

So you put on your bikini (you don’t need to dress of that much but why not when you have the opportunity??) and a spa robe. You sit down in a sunbed in a SALT CAVE!

SALT CAVE!!! Its a room piled with salt, and you breath in microscopic salt particles. White himalayan salt and it feels like you’re walking on the beach. That feeling…  On the walls there’s light therapy lamps, really strong ones and you go from having a 10 in Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD) to ZERO! I could taste the salt and my breathing was deeper then normal. Soft music and I felt so relaxed I just wanted to  close my eyes and sleep. We were alone in the room so we chitchatted. If there’s other people in the room, it’s maybe good to read a relaxing book while having your treatment. Or do a loooong meditation (I can’t concentrate on nothing THAT long.. )

I felt relaxed and happy after my 40 minutes session. It’s supposed to improve different skin conditions and its calming and detoxifying. Salt is also antiviral, antimicrobial, and antifungal. So if you’re around Old Town in Stockholm. Try a treatment with salt and light… and yes the do have SALT YOGA!!!!!

Stockholm Saltspa
Kornhamstorg 49, Gamla Stan


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