Tromsø – Back to one of my many homes

Tromso Town

When I started to study for real I took my home on my back and moved north. I wanted to get away from home, I wanted something else, I wanted more nature after a few years in Stockholm and a year in the south of Sweden. I didn’t like the south of Sweden. Flat landscape was boring. So why not the north of Norway? I  knew I wanted to study anthropology, I loved to learn more about different cultures. I loved to travel and learn new things. People ARE interesting.

Tromsø became my home within those 5 years with school and work. I loved Tromsø. It was one of the most beautiful places on earth. I had everything (almost) I wanted within my reach. Well the one really bad thing was that it was 2 EXTRA hours by air from the world. And.. well.. no summer. COLD summers. But I loved it.

Most people in Sweden don’t know that Norway reach this far north. Most people in Sweden haven’t even been in the north of Sweden. There’s no polar bears in Tromsø, they do have polar beer though! 😉 Tromsø has the northernmost university, northernmost brewery and its an excellent party town. They do have nice sushi and the shrimps are to die for. The nature is just right around the corner and pretty almost everyone skii. Whales and orcas, you see them there. You can buy whale meet in the store.. Its really yummy.


10 years ago!!!

It’s five years since last time. Now its time again!! A short visit. And I gonna do the touristic things.. like eah…. visit a saami camp. And live in one of those Saami tents called lavvu. Because I won a competition on instagram. Spend a night in a saami lavvu.
I’ll bring two friend’s who never seen northern lights, lavvus and never been in a Saami camp or lavvu. They want to see a reindeer. I promised them they gonna meet a reindeer.

I never visited the The Arctic Cathedral when I lived there. So thats a must. And there are a few other must when visiting Tromsø. SO in the next post you gonna read all about the touristic things you can do, about our visit in the Saami Camp and all the MUST DO things in Tromsø.

Time to find out where my winter clothes are… I always pack last minute.



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