2 days in Tromsø, Arctic

3 happy girls!

Reindeers, snow snow snow and sleeping outside…

We had 3 days in Tromsø. I still think this is one of the most beautiful citys in the world! The small island surrounded with fjords and mountains. It looked almost the same as when I left 5 years ago. BUT LOTS of tourists! Wow, its really booming, the northern lights tourism and Saami tourism.

When you’re in Tromsø you should really look up in the sky. During winter its a big chance to see the northern light. It was way to cloudy during our weekend for northern light though. But we did a lot of other  funny things.

Sleeping in a lavvu and reindeer sledging
Lavvu is the Saami tent people lived in while they were reindeer herding. It’s really cosy, sleeping on reindeer skins (and warm sleeping bags) and if its a clear night you can go out and watch the northern lights. Or just sit and chit- chat by the fire. We did this the first night just outside of Tromsø.

Next day we’re reindeer sledging and had a culture experience while a reindeer herder talked about the Saami Life, History and Culture. We got to feed the reindeers, go reindeer sledging and if you’re lucky its a green northern light above you. We we’re not that lucky, we only had big white snow flakes falling down. It was a great experience anyhow. So I was traveling with two vegetarians so I got to eat a lot of reindeer. The traditional reindeer stew is named Bidus. Its meat, potato and carrots. Really yummu. Lucky for my friends they had a vegetarian option (I’m impressed!!)

Photo from Tromso Lapland
Lavvu, reindeer sledge and northern light. Photo from Tromsø Lapland


Checking in into the lavvu.
Sea Urchin!! Yummy!

Feeding the reindeers

After a long walk over the bridge we checked out the famous Arctic Cathedral (from the outside). Our mission was to take the cable car Fjellheissen. The best view over Tromsø Island 421 m on the mountain Storsteinen. Its’s best on a sunny day, but the weather change fast so you never know. We were lucky with clear sky in 10 minutes before the snow came, again.  Up on the top you can eat and drink at Fjellstua – they have everything from reindeer to waffles. Norwegians for sure love waffles!

The Arctic Cathedral
View over Tromsø Island

Other things you should check out
Tromsø Museum is really great. I worked here before and I loved all the exhibitions. Even the Church Art from Northen Norway. Check out Sápmi – becoming a nation – about the Sáami People struggle for nationhood in Norway. Its also exhibitions about the Viking Era, The Saami Culture and the Northern Lights.

Vulkana – I haven’t tried this yet. But next time I will. This is a boat and a spa and a restaurant. It’s like a kinder egg. 3 things in one! Watch whales, take a sauna and eat some local shrimps..

Tromsø Lapland
or Sami Adventure, both have the option
We rented a small apartment close to town
My favorite hotel in Tromsø

Tromsø Lapland – Sami experience and culture, book it!

Emmas Drømmekjøkken – cod tongue, whale and reindeer.
Huken Pub  – Burgers and beers!
Cafe Sånn – great cafe, coffee, food and beer.

MACK Brewery – The local and northenmost brewery!
Rorbua Pub – epic place if you want to drink lots of beer and meet locals… You should visit this place.





    • Iceland is beautiful! If you liked it you should really visit Tromsö next time, its more magical! :))

  1. Love it! This is one of the travel that I want to do…thanks a lot for sharing your experience and tips 🙂

  2. Wow I’ve actually been wanting to go to the Arctic AMD never heard of Tromso so this is great. The northern lights look amazing and the Lavvu looks cool! What kind of layers would you say you can get away with to keep warm inside one? Beautiful reindeers too, great adventure.

    • Its not _that_ cold in Tromsö, thats the best if its the first time in the arctic. Its only about – 10 C in the winter, but more likely around 0 degress C and snoooowing a lot. Inland its all between -10 to – 50… :S On all the excursions you can borrow warm clothes. So if you have normal clothes, a winter jacket, gloves and hats and 2 layers of clothes its allright.. depending where your’re from of course.

  3. Wow, the Northern Lights! I saw them in Iceland a few months ago, but I would love to go up higher in the Arctic Circle. Thanks for putting Tromso on my radar.

  4. This looks so magical for an island girl like me! Everyone is raving about Iceland but I think this looks like a more authentic experience, especially to see the Northern lights!

  5. Your photos are magical!! How I wish I could travel to this place too. I would want to try out having activities in the snow, I’m always under the sun. And by the way, we have a movie here in the Philippines featuring the Northern Lights, everybody just wants to go 🙂

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