My Travel Capsule Wardrobe – Carry On Only

Next trip coming up. It’s a weekend in Düsseldorf, Germany and Amsterdam, Netherlands. I’m meeting up a friend who’s studying in Düsseldorf. She’s never been to Amsterdam and it’s only a short trainride from Düsseldorf. My companys HQ are opening this weekend in Amsterdam so it’s celebration time. Its going to be a great weekend!

So its time to PACK!
On my recent travel to the Caribbean my checked in bag was lost. I’ve packed everything to make the cruise a fancy dressed up sparkling week… The only thing I had in my carry on was a bikini. So I had a bikini and borrowed a dress from my mom. There wasn’t really any good shopping opportunites. I bought a few touristy  t-shirts. Its wasn’t very fancy! My bag never came back. I lost my favorite dress…  But I still had an amazing time on my cruise in the Caribbean.

But my lost bag made me think even more about packing. From now on I’ll keep packing everything in my carry on, as I mostly been doing. I acutally love to travel with a carry on only. Shorter check in times, shorter time on the airport, no worries, easier to just explore the city instantly and no OVER-packing!

I’ve been reading a lot about capsule wardrobes. Perfect for us travelers! It save us space, money and time. It’s a way of minimizing your clothes into a small collection that easily mixes and matches. You can fit your whole wardrobe inte a suitcase.. or backpack.. or even better.. a CARRY ON! And everything should match, in a capsule wardrobe you can take a random pant and a random shirt, and it should match. Awesome, a closet with clothes you love!

Most people talk about having a wardrobe with about 30-40 pieces of clothes and shoes (sleeping/workout clothes isn’t included). You change wardrobe each season and the clothes are often  high quality, good material and no high maintenance clothes. No ironing.

I love to save things.. so this have been a forever project for me. I’ve been declutter my wardrobe so many time. Taking away a few pieces every time. And now when I’ve gain a few kilos.. I really have no use of saving my old clothes, right? So now it’s time to do a BIG declutter. In a few weeks I’m moving out. To another town. And then after the summer.. I’m moving into a suitcase. So it is time.

But first, its time to pack my bag for the week (after I wrote this and decluttered away 70% of my clothes!!)

My inventory for the weekend
I have 4 days on this trip to Dusseldorf and Amsterdam. This is my inventory.

1 pair of black leggings. A thicker pair, great as pants or to a dress/skirt if its cold.
1 par of stockings, for party evenings
1 dress
3 plain shirts
1 fancy shirt
2 pair of shoes
1 hat
1 light jacket
1 poncho for colder weather

1 scarf
4 pair of underwear
1 pair of socks. I have these awesome soft goat mohair socks. The fabric can absorb a significant amount of moisture but the fabric feels dry. They dry quickly. They last long and is a excellent insulator, warm during winter and cool during summer. And it’s naturally odor-resistant . Did I say that these are the only socks I buy!
2 pair of earrings
2 pair of necklace
1 pair of sneakers, and a mission to buy a nicer pair of shoes. 

And some make up, powerbank, passport, camera and phone and chargers
THAT’s it! It all fits in my small backpack.

And skip all the “Just in case”-clothes.. Never happens right?

How do you pack? The day before? A week before? Carry on or checked in bag?


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