8 months into the 12 trips challenge

Hello August! 

It’s month 8 of 12 and I am more then halfway into the 12 trips challenge.

In January was a short weekend in Gothenburg.
February was family time, and a 7 days cruise in the Caribbean. Wow, what a trip! And I got engage <3  In March it was adventure time in the Arctic. Girl trip to Tromsö, Norway and sleeping outside in a lavvu. In April I was in both Dusseldorf, Germany and in Amsterdam, The Netherlands. In May I saw the capital of Bulgaria; Sofia, for the first time. Yey!
June came and once again it was two short trips. We ate a lot of Parmeggiano in Parma, Italy during a weekend and the weekend after I saw Budapest, Hungary for the 4th time!
The last trip was in July to a small island just outside of Gotland where I live. The island is called Stora Karlsö, and is the second oldest national park in the world!

So in 7 months its been 9 trips, 8 countries and lots of good food.

I got 4 weeks left on this beautiful island of Gotland, before my next adventure.

I’ll show you some great day trips and adventures from here and from my travels during the spring.


Medieval week and Vikings
Next week the Medieval week starts in Gotland. That’s also a big adventure, the whole town dress up to be medieval and vikings. It’s the best week during summer. It’s like a big festival and there’s 40 000 visitors. Street theater, fire shows, lectures, storytelling, fun, mead and markets.

Follow me on instagram to get the whole story. Lots of IG stories from the Medieval week!



  1. I love the idea of setting up a personal challenge like that to go somewhere every month! Definitely gives me inspiration to go to more places more often 🙂

  2. I love these kind of challenges- ones involving travelling 🙂 It’s so cool that you’ve managed to do 9 trips in 7 months! Happy travelling x

  3. That’s an awesome challenge! I wish I could, but as I live in the United States, only a few countries are nearby that are easy/cheap to get to, unless I spend a month hopping around Europe! Maybe one day 🙂

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