Crazy first day. Flying to US..

Me and Mike are now in San Francisco, US. We almost missed the plane twice!

So with the ESTA you need a return ticket out of the country. I had one, but not Mike. So while checking in at Arlanda we booked a bus ticket to Canada. That was enought they said. Puuh…

In London they said it wasn’t enought. So we had 10 minutes to book yet another ticket.. Panic! We needed a ticket out of North America…

This wasn’t the way I wanted the trip to start. Thank God for internet, free wifi and free roaming ?

But at last boarded and ready for take of in a new Dreamliner. I could rest and shake it all off. Damn it’s not easy to take this trip day by day with all regulations..

The Dreamliner had a few cool features. No window shades!!! Its a dimer instead. The window goes black in seconds!
The food was good, maybe even best ever so far on a flight. Garlic steak and apple pie. Yum.

Well, 10 hours flight from London, movie watching, podcast listening and dreaming.. I even took a glas of red wine.

And NO, flying is the boring part. 15 hours later we arrive. Waiting in customs… waiting waiting waiting ?

40 minutes ride with Uber was great, door to door.

The new BART-ride is the same price and time so Uber is so worth it! Half the price as regual taxi. Yey, use my link here to get your $15 off your first ride.

Tired and hungry we arrived at the hotel. Holiday Inn at Fishermans Wharf. Great service and we got the new rooms they’ve build.

At 9 pm I was sleeping, and woke up at 2 am.. and 3.. and 4.. and 5… hello JETLAG!

Cya tomorrow, much more fun adventures then today ??

Love,  Marina


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