Vegan chocolate truffles

Easies truffles there is – you can use your favorite flavoured chocolate to make different truffles, or instead of rolling them in cacao use a yummy superfood powder like lingonberry, beetroot, passionfruit or maca. CHOCOLATE TRUFFLES 1 dl oat cream 200 gram of quality chocolate, you can use a flavoured chocolate if you want 2 […]


Crazy first day. Flying to US..

Me and Mike are now in San Francisco, US. We almost missed the plane twice! So with the ESTA you need a return ticket out of the country. I had one, but not Mike. So while checking in at Arlanda we booked a bus ticket to Canada. That was enought they said. Puuh… In London […]


My Travel Capsule Wardrobe – Carry On Only

Next trip coming up. It’s a weekend in Düsseldorf, Germany and Amsterdam, Netherlands. I’m meeting up a friend who’s studying in Düsseldorf. She’s never been to Amsterdam and it’s only a short trainride from Düsseldorf. My companys HQ are opening this weekend in Amsterdam so it’s celebration time. Its going to be a great weekend! […]


2 days in Tromsø, Arctic

Reindeers, snow snow snow and sleeping outside… We had 3 days in Tromsø. I still think this is one of the most beautiful citys in the world! The small island surrounded with fjords and mountains. It looked almost the same as when I left 5 years ago. BUT LOTS of tourists! Wow, its really booming, the northern […]


Love cruise in the Caribbean

Wow!! An EPIC week on the Norwegian cruise ship Epic. I’ve been on the first vacation for ageeeees. Yes, its true, even if I’ve been traveling a lot this was the first real vacation. Stuck on a ship, you can’t really do much more than everything thats on the activities on the cruise. And trust […]