HELLO!! I’m Marina.
This is me, the girl jumping out of a plane. Wow, that was a really cool feeling of freedom. First… Panic! a second later – freedom!
I love to travel and explore the world. Eat local food, walk walk walk, see the nature, meet new people, try new things.

My first solo trip was 6 weeks in Bali and Singapore. That really changed me to take all the opportunities offered in life. Back home again, which are Sweden, I opened a raw food cafe with a unknown instagram friend. The cafe was really successful in media and social media. It even made me an author. 2016 I can call me a proud author of the raw food book RAW FIKA.

2 years later working 10-13 hours a day I said no. Its enough! I want freedom in life. Freedom in time and money.

Now I building up a way to earn money while traveling, so I really can have the time to travel. And money. I travel solo, with friends and with the love of my life Mike. He’s a bodybuilder with a total different teavel routine then me. I promise you a few good stories about that later on.

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